Global Ministry – East Timor

Please Click here for a video presentation from Tom and Monica Liddle, who were our mission partners in East Timor for 7 years. They have now have returned to our congregation in Duluth and will help us to stay connected to our mission in Timor.

Mission Partners
Christianity is a global faith. One way Peace Church relates to the global Christian community is through the mission board of the United Church of Christ. This board is called Global Ministries. Through Global Ministries we are connected to 190 church partners and organizations worldwide. Peace has a particular connection to the Protestant Church of East Timor through the ministry of Tom and Monica Liddle of our congregation. Tom and Monica lived in a small community in East Timor where Monica worked as a doctor in an outpatient clinic and Tom served as a pastor in a local congregation. The Liddles returned to Duluth in 2020 but our connection with East Timor continues. Through our contributions to Global Ministries we support IPTL’s ministries in health, education and congregational ministry.

Good Crocodile Foundation
Another way Peace Church relates to the global Christian community is through The Good Crocodile Foundation (GCF). GCF is a grassroots, indigenous community development organization. Tom and Monica have been involved with GCF since 2008 when they spent several months as volunteers in a rural clinic. GCF has a village health clinic, a maternity center, and a vitally important health outreach (mobile clinic) program. GCF makes healthcare accessible for people who would otherwise not be able to access health care. GCF also supports East Timor’s many subsistence farmers through grassroots education and material support. During their years in East Timor, Tom and Monica coordinated on a number of projects with GCF and we are pleased to continue this partnership and support through Peace Church.

Peace Connection
Having returned from life in East Timor, Monica and Tom Liddle are spearheading the ongoing Peace Church connection to our Christian family around the world with a focus on East Timor. We will provide updates on the Peace website and mission partner board in the narthex as well as doing an annual adult forum and fundraiser.