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Ministry of Music

At Peace Church, there is something for everyone where the music is concerned. As a congregation filled with people from diverse faith traditions (or none at all), the music selection is eclectic and surprising, with a broad range of genres that speaks to differing worship preferences and challenges conventional ideas of what kinds of songs can be considered sacred.

The philosophy of the ministry of music is simple: inclusion and serendipity. Musicians and members of the congregation all bring something unique of themselves to worship. When these gifts are recognized, welcomed, and cultivated, the pieces come together to create a holy moment for all.

Music Groups at Peace

The Peace Church choir includes singers of all levels of experience and ability. In addition to performing more traditional, liturgical pieces, the choir enjoys a broad range of music, from “Mass No. 2 in G Major” by Franz Schubert to a choral arrangement of U2’s “MLK.” During the school year, the choir rehearses every Wednesday at 6:15pm and sings at the 10:30am worship service each Sunday.

The Peace Band also plays regularly for worship services. This group includes guitars, piano and drums with a number of other instruments mixed in depending on the Sunday. The group has more of a singer/songwriter feel and often bridges the gap between secular and spiritual music.

In addition to these regular musical groups, other combinations of musicians are frequently brought together for worship services. These can include jazz trios, gospel groups, or rock bands. This music tends to be higher energy and cultivates the joyful, celebratory aspects of spiritual experience.

Peace Church is honored to welcome a wide family of special musicians in our worship time. From professional soloists to young performers, Peace Church creates a space where musicians of all levels are set up to succeed in offering their unique gifts.

Hymnals and Songbooks

Peace Church uses the New Century Hymnal, which uses expansive and inclusive language. Singing old, familiar hymns with new words can be both fun and challenging, and creates an important conversation around how all people can be included in the image of God. More about inclusive and expansive language in the UCC »

Peace Church also uses a Praise Book that includes songs that aren’t in the hymnal. This book is always changing as new songs and prayers are being added. Some songs are originals composed by church members or friends, popular songs that have become important to the culture of Peace Church, and a number of reimagined versions of the Lord’s prayer.

For more information, please contact Peace’s Music Director, Jim Pospisil.

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