Service Recording: December 1, 2019

December 1, 2019 ~ 10:30am

First Sunday of Advent

The People of Peace Church
Lisa Brown, Lay Leader
Jim Pospisil, Music Director
Nathan Holst, Faith Formation Minister
Rev. Kathryn Nelson

Prelude     “Long May You Run”

Greeting One Another


Ringing of the Peace Bells and Candles Lit by Acolytes

God is Revealed as We Gather

Choral Call to Worship   “Lo, How a Rose”

Light the Advent Wreath Candles  ~The Candle of Hope

Lit by Amy, Jayber, Soren, and Abel Prois

Song: “Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn” (#107, vs 1)

A reading from Jeremiah 33:14–16 and a Prayer

*Opening Hymn  “All Earth is Waiting”   (#121)

Unison Prayer of Confession
Loving and Merciful God, today we light the candle of hope, a beacon of light that shines in the darkness. Today, we confess the ways we have caused others to feel hopeless. Some feel the hopelessness of hunger because of greed. Others feel the hopelessness of violence because of our apathy. Still others feel the hopelessness of racism because of our ignorance. Forgive us, gracious God. Grant us your mercy and help us to walk in your ways of justice and love. Amen.

Assurance of Pardon

Story for All Ages

God is Revealed in the Word

God’s Word in the Prophets:   Isaiah 2:1–5

Anthem      “A Tender Shoot”

God’s Word in the Epistles:   Romans 13:11–15

Sermon               “Dusk or Dawn?”

Hymn  “Keep Awake, Be Always Ready”   (#112)

We Respond to God’s Presence

Sharing Our Prayer Concerns, Silent Prayer, Pastoral Prayer  by Nathan Holst, the Lord’s Prayer (with debts) and Choral Amen

Sharing our Offerings

Offertory     “Rainbow Race” by Pete Seeger

*The Thanksgiving     “Doxology”    
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God, all creatures here below
Praise God for all that love has done.
Creator, Christ and Spirit, One.

*Unison Prayer of Dedication
Because of You, Abundant God, we have blessings to offer to others. May You use our gifts to restore hope to the despairing, to feed the hungry, and to fill the empty hearts of the lonely.

Sharing Communion Together    (see insert)
Our vision is to be an accessible, open and affirming community growing in Christian faith, committed to peace and justice, and reaching out in healing love to all of creation, including all people, respecting and valuing the diversity of people’s sexual orientation, race, culture, gender identity, age, opinions, and physical and mental abilities.

Music During Communion    “Little Wing”

*Closing Hymn “The King of Glory”   (#9 P&W Songbook)