April 28, 2019 ⁂ 10:30am

Second Sunday of Easter

The People of Peace Church
Judy Hlina, ASL Interpreter
Patty Beech-Dziuk, Lay Leader
Jim Pospisil, Music Director
Rev. Sara Olson Dean

Prelude    “Sonata a tre” by Vivaldi

Mia Kraker, violin and Lydia Kraker, cello

Greeting One Another


Ringing of the Peace Bells and Candles Lit by Acolytes

God is Revealed as We Gather

Choral Call to Worship   “Sweet, Sweet, Earth” by Nathan Holst

*Responsive Call to Worship

Hear this proclamation of faith: Christ is risen from the dead!
The Spirit is poured out. Lives are transformed.
God is active in our world. God brings hope and healing.
Hear the call of God: The Spirit of God calls us into community, inviting us to see beyond ourselves, to join in loving care of all God made.
We accept God’s call, rejoicing in the gift of community.
Hear a challenge for today: The Earth is stressed by misuse, pollution, and neglect. The whole of God’s creation is groaning, crying out in pain.
We name the Earth as part of our community.
We extend our love to all God’s creation.
People of faith, gather to worship God, the creator and redeemer of the world. Be transformed by God’s compassionate love!
We praise with joy the world’s creator:
God of justice, love, and peace!

*Opening Hymn    “For the Beauty of the Earth”   (#28)

Unison Prayer of Confession                         (by Rev. Ken Carter)

O God, maker of heaven and earth: You place us in your creation, and you command us to care for it. Your works declare glory and splendor, and you call us to praise and reverence. Where we have degraded or destroyed earth’s bounty, forgive us. Where we have taken beauty and majesty for granted, have mercy upon us. Where we have become estranged from all other creatures, grant us your peace.

Renew us in your waters of baptism, refresh us with the winds of your spirit, and sustain us with the bread of life. In the name of Jesus Christ, and for the sake of the new creation, we pray.  Amen.

Story for All Ages

God is Revealed in the Word

God’s Word in the Hebrew Scriptures:   Daniel 9:15-19

Mission Moment:    Earth Day Reflections by Bill Mittlefehldt

Anthem    “Et in Terra Pax” (and on earth, peace) by Vivaldi

God’s Word in the Gospel:   John 20:19-31

Meditation   “Making a Connection”  ~Rev. Sara Olson Dean

Hymn    “By Breath”    (#1, P&W Songbook)

We Respond to God’s Presence

Sharing Our Prayer Concerns, Silent Prayer, Pastoral Prayer,
the Lord’s Prayer (with debts), and Choral Amen

Sharing Our Offerings

Offertory     “Cooley’s Reel”

*The Thanksgiving

Hope in the God who reigns above,
Who holds us all in steadfast love,
Whose Spirit blows across the earth,
Preparing us for second birth.

*Prayer of Dedication

*Closing Hymn   “We Cannot Own the Sunlit Sky”     (#563)

*Benediction and Postlude