January 27, 2019 ~ 10:30am

The People of Peace Church
Doug Bowen-Bailey, ASL Interpreter
Betty Greene, Lay Leader
Jim Pospisil, Music Director
Nathan Holst, Faith Formation Minister
Rev. Kathryn Nelson

Prelude and Fugue in G-sharp minor, by J.S. Bach   played by Shirin Lee, piano

Greeting One Another


Ringing of the Peace Bells and Lighting of the Candles

God is Revealed as We Gather

*Responsive Call to Worship   adapted from Rev. Thom Shuman

Loud talkers, and silent worriers, and lonely wallflowers:
God gathers us together to be the Body
of wonder and joy, of hope and healing.
Bystanders with hands shoved into our pockets,
those whose feet are frozen in place:
Jesus calls us to carry grace to outsiders,
to walk with all those left behind.
Kids who never offer answers in class,
bashful folks whose tongues tie in knots:
The Spirit anoints us to speak up for the voiceless,
to partner with those made poor to discover their gifts.

*Opening Hymn “God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens” (#556)

Unison Prayer of Confession                          Rev. Thom Shuman

Do we make you laugh or weep, Gracious God? We sing that we are one in your Spirit, but we cannot tolerate those who disagree with us. We affirm the giftedness of each person, but we heap honor on just a special few.

Forgive us, Creative God, that we dismember your Body so easily. May the words of our mouths speak peace to the brokenness in our world; may the hopes of our hearts bring wonder to those in despairand may our love embrace all who are around us.

Assurance of Pardon

Story for All Ages

God is Revealed in the Word

God’s Word in the Epistles:  I Corinthians 12:12–21a

Anthem    “God Shall Wipe Away All Tears”, by Karl Jenkins

God’s Word in the Gospel: Luke 4:14–21

Sermon     “Finding Our Place”

Hymn   “Community of Christ”     (#314)

We Respond to God’s Presence

Sharing Our Prayer Concerns, Silent Prayer, Pastoral Prayer,
the Lord’s Prayer (with debts), and Choral Amen

Sharing our Offerings

Offertory     Sonata in E-flat major, mvt 3, by Beethoven

*The Thanksgiving   “We Give You but Your Own”   (#785)

*Prayer of Dedication

*Closing Hymn   “I Am the Light of the World”   (#584)


*Postlude   Nocturne in F-sharp minor, by Chopin

Annual Congregational Financial Meeting

  1. Adoption of 2019 Budget
  2. Report of Expenses for Building Remodel
  3. Other