Danny and Matt Johnson-Schiff: Care and Compassion in a Time of Pandemic

Danny and Matt are both members of Peace Church and nurses at Essentia. They met while working at a nursing home in Superior many years ago. Danny got his RN degree first and has been a nurse now for 9 years. He works on the Adult Mental Health Unit at Miller Dwan. He has a heart for working with this population. His compassion combined with his wonderful sense of humor help in his work of healing where it is so needed for people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Matt and Danny find inspiration in this relevant quote from Florence Nightingale.

Matt has been a nurse for 3 years. Danny’s support and encouragement
made all the difference in Matt believing that he could go from being an LPN to an RN with all the rigors of school. Matt especially loves working with older patients. He is currently assigned the Covid-19 unit at St. Mary’s. Again his care and compassion come through even in this time of pandemic.

Their faith is a big part of why they are nurses. They look to the great commandment to love God and neighbor, all neighbors. They are grateful to have found a place of welcome at Peace Church. Danny said many years ago he was in the Twin Cities reading Lavender Magazine and saw an article about Pastor Kathy doing weddings for gay and lesbian couples, and wished there was a church like that in Duluth. It wasn’t until he got to the end of the article that he realized Peace Church was in Duluth. Pastor Kathy officiated at Matt and Danny’s wedding this past Halloween, their favorite holiday.

Interviewed by Kathy Nelson