Cindy Macaulay: Shining her Light

Cindy Macaulay’s warm presence and friendly smile make people feel welcome at Peace Church. She is a quietly active person around Peace—helping with coffee hour, serving as a lay reader, coordinating shared ministries, participating in spiritual journey groups. As she says, “I do putzy little things around church that keep things humming along.”

After retiring from her work as a counselor at the Vet Center, Cindy began volunteering with Essentia as a helpful wayfinder in the skywalk. She is concerned that people are drifting apart, that there is more socialized isolation. “We are in our corners looking at what divides us rather than unites us.” In her volunteer work, she makes eye contact and smiles and says “hi” to strangers. Most people brighten up, although some are too distracted by their “business” and phones. And those who are lost or confused about their way are relieved to find a helping hand and heart in Cindy. She intentionally makes a human connection with everyone.

This distraction with devices has affected society as a whole, taking us away from the world around us, Cindy thinks, herself included. For example, she was out walking her dog in a wetland and listening to her audiobook, when she realized the spring peepers were croaking in a happy chorus. She took off her headphones and just walked along, listening to the frogs in the company of her dog.

Cindy believes that people and connections are the most important things in faith and spirituality. “I’m coming from a place of unconditional love and acceptance, and keeping the way I may disagree with a person always held in a loving space, unconditionally. This way we can break the shell of isolation.”

When asked what guides her, Cindy says, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” She also referred to the words former local newscaster Dennis Anderson always ended his broadcast with: “Be Kind.”

Interviewed by Lisa Fitzpatrick

Note on Photo: Cindy with her Shared Ministry buddy, Molly Watson. Cindy has been the heart of that team for so many years. It used to be called the Welcoming Team, and Cindy personifies the warm welcome we want for everyone coming to Peace Church.