Formerly known as VBS, Peace Village will take place June 12 – 16 from 9am – 12:30pm at Peace Church. Ages: Entering Grades K – 5
Cost: Free (And we mean it!) Donations to support the program can be made payable to Peace Church with “Peace Village” in the memo line.

The philosophy of Peace Village begins with the belief that collaboration within our communities is essential to peacemaking. Therefore, this camp is a joint offering between Peace Church and UUCD with the goal of increasing congregational involvement in the coming years. Peace Village is a multicultural day camp with the mission to provide a fun, educational environment in which children can learn the messages and practices of non-violence and peacemaking from various world traditions. All activities encourage respect for racial and cultural diversity. The Peace Village curriculum focuses on using Mindful Movement, Connecting to Nature, and Media Literacy to prepare campers for the development of real skill in Conflict Resolution. Core values of Peace Village: • We recognize and encourage each human being’s inherent potential for inner peace. • We believe a connection to nature inspires and sustains human beings as they strive to cultivate a sense of peacefulness. • We believe creating an awareness of the media’s impact on society is necessary for the promotion of peace within the individual and the community. • We know that cultivating inner strength gives each of us the best chance to succeed at resolving conflict. In studying international peacemakers, we give our campers real models for creating a peaceful world. Acknowledging that we all encounter the challenge of conflict, often in our daily lives, Peace Village integrates its core curriculum with music and the arts to inspire and empower campers to make significant changes in the world. Peace Village is a place to make friends, to learn, to grow, and to practice peacebuilding. Parents are invited to join us on Friday, June 16 at 12:15pm for our closing circle and a picnic lunch.

Volunteers Needed for Peace Village Summer Camp

Do you love working with kids and youth? Do you love the idea of helping to build a peaceful planet? If so, consider volunteering to be a Peace Village camp counselor. We’re looking for adults and youth (ages 11 – 17) to help in a variety of camp leadership roles. Camp will be held June 12 – 16 from 9 am – 12:30 at Peace Church with a volunteer orientation shortly before the week of camp. Reach out to Nathan Holst to learn more at