It’s a new fall season and that means we’ll be kicking off our adult forums again, adapted virtual style. We’ll be holding the forums on Sunday morning after worship from 11:30-12:30 and the zoom link will be in your Friday email update. (Note that the 2nd Sunday of the month we will not have a forum since that will be a “drive by” Sunday, a time to gather at a distance in person outside in the lower parking lot)

Adult forum this fall will look a bit different than past years, but we’ve still got some great things planned and we would love for you to join us for our virtual adult forums at 11:30 every Sunday after the service on Zoom.  Our theme this fall will be focusing on different kinds of love, based on the 1 John 4:7 text—“let us love one another,” and we will be drawing in a variety of different kinds of topics such as community safety, justice and politics, grief, and resiliency.  In September we started a conversation about community safety and policing and heard from two community leaders about the civilian review board.  Here’s what we have planned for this month:

October 4: Conversation with elected officials about community safety and policing (Gary Anderson, Terese Tomanek)—we’ll hear from at least two elected leaders about community safety and policing and continue the conversation about how we can engage this more broadly as a community.

October 11: Fall Festival—this will be a fun, outdoor experience in the lower lot of Peace Church with drive- by food and games (in person with masks and keeping distance guidelines).

October 18: Voting for our Children (Gayle Kelly)—because this day is designated Children’s Sabbath, the time when we focus on our children and lifting them up, we want to spend this day focusing on our children and voting.  What are the ways we’re engaged with supporting our kids in this time and what does that have to do with the election?  How do we “vote for our children?”  We’ll hear from Gayle Kelly, who has worked as a leader of Head Start for years, sharing her experience of how to lift up our kids and how our public policies can best support their well being.  We’ll also spend time learning more about the work of the Children’s Defense Fund and how can we support them.

October 25: Calling for change in community safety (Hannah Feyen, Mya Halvorson)—in this session, we’ll finish out the part of our series that focuses on community safety and policing, hearing from leaders who have created petitions focusing on school resource officers (SRO’s) or changes in current city police policy.