5:00-7:30pm: Fundraiser/drive-by meal prepared and served by Stephan and Solomon Witherspoon as they try their hand at cooking with the help of Tom Hanson from the Duluth Grill. Come and support the Witherspoons who are hoping to open a restaurant some day; this is one way for them to raise some funds and try out recipes. In the Peace Church lower parking lot, 5:00-7:30pm. They are still working out details for the meal, including a way to pre-order. So far they are offering the following: Family Meals–for $55 you get 8 pieces fried chicken, 1 quart Mac & Cheese, 1 quart corn bread dressing, and 8 pieces of sweet corn bread with butter. No individual meals. For $12: one sweet potato pie. For $25: one Doc’s T-shirt. If you don’t want to purchase food, donations are also welcome! More info at docwitherspoons.com, or FB page Doc Witherspoon’s Soul Food Kitchen.