Updates To Our Covid-19 Policies

Due to the risks from the delta variant, the Covid Safety task force, with input from the staff, has determined the following updated guidelines:

1. Masking is required at all times in the building in any public spaces. Masks are to be worn properly with both nose and mouth covered. There is an exception for those speaking from the alter during services.
2. There is an expectation that all people over 18 engaging in in-person activities at Peace Church are vaccinated.
3. Peace committee meetings can take place in person, by zoom or a combo. If a meeting takes place in-person at church, masking and social distancing are required. Members of the committee may bring in their own beverages to drink, as long as they retain masks except for drinking.
4. Singing will be allowed in church since all are fully masked. Those attending services are asked to be aware of social distancing and, if possible, avoid sitting directly behind someone in church.
5. Wednesday evening meals are still on hold at this time. This will allow for more space for Wednesday night programming and reduced risk of transmission with indoor eating.
6. No food or drink service are allowed in the building. The exceptions are:
• All food and drink at Peace functions, including coffee hour, can be served inside “to go” and should be consumed outside the building or taken home. Food will be individually handed to people.
• Staff may eat their lunch in the office
• The day care will continue to use their own guidelines for food and beverage inside their rented space
• Self-identified vaccinated groups would be given some preference. If those groups meet for a limited time in a contained space, and do not put any church staff or member at risk they may be given permission to have food and beverage.
7. There can be socialization time inside after services fully masked.
8. Extra sanitation practices (such as disinfecting surfaces after each use) is no longer needed.
9. No overnight groups allowed in the building at this time.
10. There are no occupancy limits in the Fellowship Hall or other meeting rooms as long as air filtration devices are used according to the space.
11. There is no occupancy limit in the Sanctuary or narthex but masking and social distancing are required.
12. Offering plates and pew pads can now be passed in worship.
13. Everyone should assess their own comfort level about church gatherings. Peace will make strong effort to provide streaming or zoom technology for services and some meetings.