On May 18, the Coordinating Council accepted recommendations from our Covid Safety Task force to begin allowing more access to the Peace Church building and opportunities for us to be together in person.  As we make these changes, we want to encourage everyone to get vaccinated who is eligible to do so.  Here are the highlights:

  • Starting May 30, begin with the following changes:
    • Worship restrictions in terms of limiting the number of  people and social distancing will be lifted on May 30.  ALL people will be required to wear a mask in the service.  Singing will be allowed with masks.
      • We do not want to ask our children to remain masked and not be willing to do so as adults.  As well, we don’t want to single out anyone who may not be able to be vaccinated for whatever reason, so we will have consistent masking use during worship.
      • If possible, coffee hour should be held outside.
    • Unlock the upper parking lot doors during office hours.  Have guests come to be met at the office door.
      • This date could be moved up if the office staff feel ready for that change sooner.
    • Church committee meetings can take place in person at church.
      • If everyone in a committee meeting is vaccinated, masks do not need to be worn.
      • If someone from a committee is not comfortable for whatever reason meeting in person, virtual meetings should still be held to ensure that all committee members are able to participate on an equal footing.
      • Committees should work with Tim to determine which space is most appropriate for the number of people in the meeting.
      • Outside groups will still be required to mask during meetings.
    • The Annual Meeting will be held in person in the sanctuary.  We will look at having a live stream option for people to participate via distance.

Vaccinations: We know that getting vaccinated is a personal decision that also has implications for the community. We are encouraging anyone who has access to a vaccine to take it as a way of both protecting yourself and the community around you as well as providing you more opportunities to serve.  You can find information about vaccine availablilty on the state of Minnesota’s Vaccine Connector

~From Your Covid Task Force

Live Streaming of WorshipPeace United Church of Christ - View livestream of 10:30 Worship Service

We will continue to be live streaming the 10:30 worship for the foreseeable future. You can find the link on our Peace Church YouTube channel.