Live Streaming of WorshipPeace United Church of Christ - View livestream of 10:30 Worship Service

We will continue to be live streaming the 10:30 worship for the foreseeable future. You can find the link on our Peace Church YouTube channel.

Being Present for Live Stream of Worship Suspended

Based on the rising case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths related to COVID-19, Peace Church is suspending the presence of in-person “pods” for worship and returning to having only people essential for worship being present.  This is keeping with the Governor’s changing guidelines for religious services. We are a little ahead of the Governor’s timeline, but we feel this is an important contribution for us to make to turn the numbers around. We look forward to returning to be able to have people present in the sanctuary as part of the congregation as soon as it is safe for our community to do so. We appreciate your understanding.  Please contact the office with any questions and we will respond as quickly as we can. (11/11/20)

Youth Activities Returning to Online

With the Duluth Public Schools suspending sports and going to all online options, we are choosing to have youth activities return to being through Zoom.  We look forward to being able to gather our youth again in person when it is safe for them and our community to do so. (11/11/20)

Reopening Guidelines

This document will continue to be updated in response to information from the Center for Disease Control, the Minnesota Department of Health, and other public health recommendations.

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