At 4a.m. Easter morning, Timorese people in the capital city of Dili were devastated by massive flooding induced by rains from a tropical cyclone.  Homes, belongings, and people, too, were washed away in this, the worst natural disaster Timor has seen in 50 years.  While Dili has seen the most intense flood damage, the entire country has suffered crop damage, loss of livestock, loss of homes and lives.  This happened as East Timor has seen an intense increase in positive Covid-19 cases.

As most Timorese people still rely on subsistence farming for their food and livelihood, it is imperative that relief efforts address food security:  both immediate food needs and also long-term agricultural support to farmers.  To support relief efforts, Monica and Tom Liddle are raising funds for the Good Crocodile Foundation, an indigenous-led Timorese non-governmental organization that is on the ground and strategically poised to facilitate immediate and long-term relief work in 20 different rural communities they serve. Donations can be made online (donate) choosing the “East Timor Relief” account, or send checks to Peace Church, with “East Timor” noted in the memo (drop off at church, or mail to 1111 N. 11th Ave. E., Duluth, MN 55805). Monica and Tom thank you for your support of our brothers and sisters in Christ in East Timor in this time of crisis.