The nominating committee is currently seeking nominations for 2022-2023 council members. Nominating committee members are: Tom Hystead, Jessica Olson, Joan Peterson, Matt Ryan, and Pastor Jim.  Please contact any of the nominating committee members for more information or to nominate a name, no later than Sunday, May 8th.  The open positions for the coming year are: Vice Moderator (3-year commitment, as the Vice Moderator moves into the Moderator role, then serves a final year as Past Moderator), Stewardship Chair (2-year commitment), and two At-Large council members (2-year commitment).   If you wish to nominate someone, please contact them first to confirm they are willing to serve in this way.  Note that because there are only 4 positions open, not all nominated names will be elected to the council.

Council members generally sign on for a two-year term and commit to meeting at least monthly to conduct the business of the church.  Monthly meeting agendas include reviews of monthly financials, committee reports, and pastoral reports.  The council will also be engaged in the coming year in supporting the transition team and pastoral search committee.

Please follow the link below to read the Council Job Description:

Council Job Description

Please follow the link below to fill out the recruitment form:

Coordinating council recruitment form