Rev Jim Mitulski
Pastor Jim was ordained on July 1, 1983. He began his ministry in the MCC denomination in New York and California before attending UCC seminary at Pacific School of Religion. Pastor Jim also studied at two schools from the Unitarian Universalist tradition: he was a Merrill Fellow at Harvard Divinity and received an honorary doctorate from Starr King School for the Ministry. In 2006 and 2007 he completed formal interim ministry training from the Interim Ministry Network.

Pastor Jim’s experience is rich and varied, including serving congregations on the West Coast, East Coast, in Texas, and in Colorado. He has served as an interim minister for five different congregations, including four during the past eight years. The first 25 years of his ministry were spent in largely gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender congregations in New York City, San Francisco and Guerneville, California, and Eagle Rock, Colorado, as well as the largest LGBT church in the world in Dallas, Texas (which is also one of the largest UCC churches in the world). His two most recent positions have been with mixed congregations: a large suburban Boston congregation (Needham UCC), and a smaller UCC church in Foster City, California. Pastor Jim’s permanent home is in Oakland, California, where he lives with his feline companion Keats.

Pastor Jim writes: “I love intentional interim ministry…Every time I engage in an interim pastorate, I learn more about ministry, church, human nature, myself…I work with you to talk with each other, even about hard things. I help you to talk about your past, who you are now and who you want to be next. It’s a prayerful, spirit-filled, exciting time. It’s not placeholding but rich punctuation. Then I leave, trusting our time together. I am passionate about church, worship, liberation, art, music, and poetry…I want to help the church be credible, lively, vital and growing…I am passionate about ministry that is anti-racism, anti-oppression and pre-reconciliation…I am passionate about reading, making and listening to all kinds of music…I am passionate about God.”