Winter 2020 Peace Adult Ed Fall Forums

PEACE ADULT ED SERIES, WINTER 2020  Tending the Earth, Tending Each Other

9th— Building Better Boys— Gary Boelhower facilitating a conversation: Building Better Boys–excerpts of a podcast on how we teach our boys to be fully themselves.
16th— Serrano Robinson: Continuing the conversation on building better boys by sharing about Men as Peace Makers 23rd—Gabe Mayfield: Sharing the work of Life House, supporting our youth

1st—Jordon and Terresa Moses: Steps toward repair through remembering Clayton Jackson McGhie 100 years later 8th—Helen Davis: Building “unapologetically Black” and inclusive community through the Family Freedom Center
15th—Regina Laroche: Land, farming, and the roots of repair–how relationship with earth and each other can heal 22nd—Kym Young: Lifting up the truth through the Superior African Heritage Community and beyond 29th—Daniel Oyinloye: Accelerating justice and inspiring empathy through story and creativity

5th—Peace Church Dismantling Racism Team: Engaging race and relationship deeply–a UCC focused conversation on reparations and what that does (and doesn’t) mean