Weaving our World Together
Tuesday, August 11–Friday, August 14, 9:30am-10:45am

for 4 year olds — kids going in to 6th grade
Live zoom or recorded for your family’s individual schedule.

VBS Registration Form
It is important to register EARLY this year so that everyone has supplies! Registration Deadline is August 2.

There will be a “Box of Fun” (craft supplies) to pick up at church on Sunday, August 9, 11:30-2:30 and Monday, August 10, 9-5.  The first three days will be live zoom link to songs, scripture with Pastor Kathy and a guided craft project emphasizing our place within the sacred Web of Life and the importance of our connection with each other and the natural world. The “Box of Fun” will contain the materials needed for doing the three art projects. On Friday morning each child will be welcomed at the Church parking lot to offer their own piece of artwork in a coming together of a Web of Life group mural. And yes, there will be ice cream!

Our goal this summer is to stay connected and have programming that is fun for the kids and their parents. No more stress than needed. Hoping that you all will work with us as we put safety considerations first and move in accordance with current information. Please stay tuned in as we finalize plans and know they may change with the times! Click the link above to register.  Cost: $20 per child, maximum $50 per family, please make checks out to Peace Church and send them to the church office (1111 N 11th Ave. E, Duluth MN 55805). If you have questions, please contact Sharon (Sharon@peaceucc.org).

Programming will be based on safety and current information on the Covid-19 situation.

The Web of Life is the focus for our creativity and scripture this summer. While it is different from being in person, we are hoping to offer  fun activities  with meaningful content by bringing the  opportunity for kids to investigate how we are connected and working together as a global community within the natural world. There will be a live zoom option in the mornings and also a recording so families can work in the crafts and “Box of Fun” with the meaningful content and scripture– when it works with their individual schedules.  YES! Summer can be busy and lots of us are tired of looking at screens! We are aware and hoping this will give our kids a sense of connection and community while offering things to do that are not totally dependent on screen time. There will be outdoor gathering of natural art supplies, prayer flags to hang, T-shirts, coloring mandalas and pieces to paint of your own life web to bring to a community mural the last day that will mark this summer of 2020 and our connection as a faith community in a very unusual time in history.