June 29-July 1   We are excited to share that the Minnesota UCC Conference is putting on an online youth camp this summer for grades 6-12, and you’re invited to join (and in this time of constant change, we love that we can say with certainty that this will not be canceled!).  It is more important than ever to stay connected, re-connect, and support each other as a community. This year’s camp is about RESILIENCE. What is resilience? What does it look like? What if you feel un-resilient? (Hint: That’s normal!)  The incredible Theatre of Public Policy (think improv meets comedy group) is putting together some great ways to keep us connected and building our resilience.  Here’s the registration link: https://www.uccmn.org/event/mn-conference-ucc-youth-camp/  Contact Nathan at nathan@peaceucc.org with any questions.