Looking for a way to deepen your understanding of racial justice and move towards action? Join “30 Days of Justice,” an online course for Peace Church that asks you to spend 10 minutes per day reading an article or watching a video.  We are postponing our zoom gatherings for the time being (look for more information about learning cohorts soon, which will include an orientation on how to use the online course), but we want to invite anyone to use this as it fits your schedule .

Following the death of George Floyd, many people have been looking for ways to develop a greater understanding of racial justice and how to combat racism and white supremacy.  To support that effort, we have adapted a series of readings and activities curated by Autumn Gupta with supervision from Bryanna Wallace to become a course we are offering in Canvas. Originally entitled “Justice in June,” we are calling it “Justice in August.”

This is a daily opportunity to spend about 10 minutes reading or watching a resource related to racial justice. Each day, we will also ask you to reflect on what you have learned. You are welcome to also engage with other interpreters who are going through the same process.

To Join the Course