Earth Day Festival – April 25 – noon – 2:30pm

Come join in a celebration of reciprocity and gratitude for our Mother Earth. EVERYONE is invited to gather for this interactive event! Let’s care for the land that has supported our Peace Community. Join us in the lower parking lot and see what gifts you have to share as we clean up the property and surrounding area and till a new garden bed, creating a pumpkin patch with a sturdy fence for our children. Many volunteers are needed to help with these projects–if you can help please sign up here. There will be seeds for the kids and youth to plant and bring home and pumpkin seeds to plant that will be left at church to put into the new kids garden in June. Dave Courtright is making bird houses for the children to paint and bring home. In appreciation for all the help, there will be free sub sandwiches and chips served by the Food and Fellowship committee. Let’s show our Mother how grateful we are for all she gives and enjoy each others company in celebration of Spring!