Sundays at 11:30 after the service
Adult Forums look a bit different than past years, but we’ve still got some great things planned and we would love for you to join us for our virtual adult forums at 11:30 most Sundays after the service on Zoom. Our theme this winter/spring will focus on different kinds of love, based on the 1 John 4:7 text—“let us love one another,” and we will be drawing in a variety of different kinds of topics such as community safety, justice and politics, grief, and resiliency. This month, we are planning to have different speakers talk about what it means to be resilient and even thrive in the midst of transition, bringing you a range of people from different organizations and topics. Here’s what we have planned for April:

April 4: Easter—No adult forum.

April 11: Trans Plus with Sean Hayes—Trans Plus is a local, grassroots group in the Twin Ports area that seeks to provide connection through community, and resources to anyone who identifies as transgender, or under the gender variant umbrella (this includes people who are Two Spirit, gender non-conforming, non-binary, agender, etc.). They provide a bi-monthly support group for the Transgender community, plan community events and social outings, offer Trans 101 trainings, and more. Come hear Sean talk about this amazing work and how it impacts resiliency in our community.

April 18: LEAN Duluth (Law Enforcement Accountability Network)—As a way to loop back to the conversation we had in the fall about police accountability, we are inviting speakers who have been doing some amazing organizing around police accountability these last number of months. LEAN came out of a process of extensive relational interviews with individuals and organizations working for police accountability in the Duluth area. Come get updates on the work they’re doing now and find out how you might be involved.

April 25: Earth Day with the Climate Justice Team—The climate justice team has been doing a lot of work this last year, and we are excited both to celebrate Earth Day together, and share more about our current work. Come join us for a good conversation (with some potential youth speakers) and find out about some incredible opportunities coming up this spring.