The Commons (AKA  Adult Forums)
Sundays at 9:30am
In the Fellowship Hall

In our Adult Forums, our Peace community can gather to exchange ideas, make plans, learn together, and be spiritually nurtured.  What happens in The Commons can help shape our life as a community. If there is an issue or question or information that you think ought to be shared because it affects our common life as a congregation, contact Nathan Holst or Penny Cragun. They provide leadership for the Adult Education Team, the group that schedules most events in our Commons.  Here are events planned for January:

January 2:  A Common New Beginning:  Baptism—What does baptism mean?  What is the liturgy of baptismal renewal? Is that for all of us?  Learn more about a liturgy that will be part of Peace’s worship the following Sunday.

January 9: Resources We Hold in Common:  The 2022 Budget Preview—The budget reflects our plans and possibilities for the coming year.  Learn more about the budget, ask questions, and be better informed for the Annual meeting at the end of January when members will be asked to vote on the budget for 2022.

January 16: An Important Legacy: MLK Letter from Birmingham Jail—is a crucial document from the Civil Rights Era.  NAACP will host a zoom reading of the letter at 4:00 that afternoon.  Read it and discuss its significance with others from Peace.

January 23: Searching Together: Roe vs. Wade—The United Church of Christ is a “prayerfully pro-choice” denomination.  What does our faith say about the issue of abortion?

January 30: Our Common Connection: Covenant—What does it mean to “belong” to a congregation?  Or for our congregation to “belong” to the United Church of Christ?  We are bound together by covenant.  Come, help us talk about what that means.